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20th June 2018

Afrin Shall Repeat the Epic of Kobani!

Afrin Shall Repeat the Epic of Kobani!

Afrin Shall Repeat the Epic of Kobani!

On January 20, 2018, the fascist government of Turkey continued its crimes by officially announcing that it would attack Afrin to wipe out “PKK terrorists” and ISIS. The despotic and criminal government is trying to deviate the public opinion at home and abroad by tying ISIS to the area, while it is well known that this brutal group has almost completely abandoned Syria, and is especially absent from Afrin and its surrounding areas. Most importantly, according to authentic sources, Erdogan’s government has been one of the staunchest supporters of ISIS, and Turkish forces were fighting alongside ISIS during the Kobani attacks. At least the long time close ties of Turkey with the murderous Gulbuddin, famously known as the “butcher of Kabul”, shows that this despotic government supports the most reactionary forces. In addition, Erdogan’s bloodthirsty government has armed and financed former ISIS fighters under the Free Syrian Army, and let them loose upon the suffering people of the area, along with the official Turkish forces. The Ikhwani government of Turkey which has held a longtime hostility towards the oppressed Kurdish people, does not want them to live in peace and comfort with freedom and justice, and this is why it continues to conspire against them using violence and terror.

Source: The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan


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