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20th June 2018

Commemorating Third Year of Farkhunda’s Lynching

Commemorating Third Year of Farkhunda’s Lynching

Commemorating Third Year of Farkhunda’s Lynching

Kabul; March 17, 2018: A group of Hambastagi members gathered in front of Farkhunda monument to commemorate the third year of this innocent girl being lynched. The protestors had the placards in their hands, condemning the crime against Farkhunda, Rukhshana, Shukria Tabasum, victims of Mirzaolang massacre and many other women victims of oppression and atrocity. The placards carried texts: “Until and unless the treacherous criminals aren’t depowered, everyday another Farkhunda will be the victim!” “The painful moans of Rukhshana, calls every wakeful conscience for struggle!” “Dear Zahra, we wish you had burned the roots of Afghan women’s miseries, rather than committing suicide!” “I am a Hazara Pashtun, I will take the revenge of my beloved Shukria!” “Until and unless the US and its fundamentalist minions are ruling, there will be no end to the doomsdays of Afghan women!” “The chains of women’s servitude can only be broken by their struggle and resistance!” “The emancipation of women from the inferno of occupation, fundamentalism and patriarchy, is only possible through their own awareness, unity and struggle!”

Source: The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan


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